Mega Bharat Race

Mega Bharat Race

A Mega Event happening from the 7th of November to the 15th of January in order to celebrate togetherness and have fun. MEGA BHARAT RACE would consist of a lot of contests, quizzes and exciting collaborations. There are going to be 7 contests in total which would last for 10 days respectively. Each contest would last for 10 days respectively. Mega Bharat Race would run for 75 days in total. Winners would be picked after each contest and would be awarded with cash money through Paytm. Towards the end of the entire event, an overall winner would be picked who would be entitled to a MEGA prize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can be a part of Mega Bharat Race through Race's facebook page. All activities would be updated on Race's facebook page

You can get updated on Race Facebook page. @chennairaceinstitute for all South Indian branches and @racechandigarh for all North Indian branches.

Mega Bharat Race is happening from November 7th to January 15th.

It is created to celebrate togetherness and have fun.

The winner gets to go on an all inclusive trip to Bangkok for 2 or gold

There are 1000s of cash prizes for contest winners.

You would have to create one.